DEG anchor investment in financial inclusion focused Integra Partners Fund II contributes to 2X Challenge Investments in Southeast and South Asia.

Integra’s seeks to deliver improved wellbeing of the underserved in South East Asia via access to affordable and responsible financial services and healthcare. By empowering tech entrepreneurs in this sector, Integra hopes to bring transformational change to the industry and to break down barriers for consumers and businesses. 


"I was drawn to the open banking concept because I saw how Brankas aimed to support across the supply side (bank) and the demand side (third party/Fintech providers) to address many of the concerns in the industry. I appreciated the Brankas vision of being an enabler in building that financial ecosystem to make these synergies happen." 

- Krizelle Lazatin - Brankas, Territory Sales Manager (Ph)

 “We knew that we were solving a problem for local companies in managing their timekeeping, human resource, and payroll activities. As we dug deeper into the problem though, we understood that Sprout can “impact the life of every Filipino by improving business in the country.” That is our North Star”.

- Alexandria Gentry, co-founder and COO,

DEG’s anchor investor commitment to Integra Partners Fund II provides growth-capital to advance innovative startups in Southeast and South Asia.  With their businesses, these startups provide innovative and tech-enabled solutions to drive access to financial services, insurance and healthcare across a region which still suffering from a fundamental lack of access. Technology, leveraging on the widespread availability of internet access and smartphones, is key to bridging this access gap. Additionally, the overlap in opportunities between banking, insurance and healthcare are significant. Financial services and insurance can go a long way toward in increasing affordability of healthcare services.

“We’re honored to be recognized for the 2x Challenge - ensuring that we have a gender-diverse team is the first step to incorporating a gender lens in the way we operate and invest. We are excited to partner with DEG to facilitate transformational change to the fintech and health-tech industry while being committed to supporting women leadership and employment at all levels that we engage with.”
Christiaan Kaptein, Partner at Integra Partners.

DEG’s investment in the Fund qualifies under the 2X Challenge Criteria because of the Fund’s strong commitment under the leadership as well as employment criteria. 

The make-up of Integra’s team demonstrates its commitment towards women leadership and employment, not just at the investee level but directly in their core team.   Integra’s team consists of 50% female professionals, all in leadership roles. 

The same holds true for many of their current portfolio companies and the clients that they serve with some companies offering specific products focused exclusively on women. Employment at Integra’s current portfolio companies is 42% female, with several companies having female co-founders and management.

“DEG is very much aligned with Integra Partners Fund’s focus on technology-enabled financial and healthcare inclusion combined with a strong commitment towards women leadership and employment in the Fund’s organization. As anchor investor, our aim is to play an important catalytic role and mobilize other members of the 2X Challenge” says Dr. Felix Schneider, Vice President FinTechs Global Markets at DEG.

Integra Partners has just reached the first closing of Fund II. Among its first investment and advanced deal flow are a number of female (co-)founders and senior management teams, and companies that have over 50% female staff. Fortunately, there is a lot of great talent to back and we look forward to updating you on our investments as we progress with Fund II.

Frank Tobé