Danper (Peru): A 2X investment committed to women’s empowerment and ‘shared-value.’


In Peru, socio-economic indicators show that women are almost 30% less likely to have equal opportunities as men. Danper is playing a strong role in eliminating such gaps in its own environment while serving as a role model for others.

Danper Trujillo S.A. (“Danper”) is a Peruvian-Danish joint venture, founded in 1994, with over 26 years of successful experience in the agro-industry. It has over 13,000 workers and 9,000 hectares of cultivated fields in north and south coast, as well as in the central and south highlands of Peru primarily producing asparagus, artichokes, blueberries, avocados, mangoes, peppers and quinoa. Since the foundation of the business, CEO, Mrs. Rosario Bazan and her Danish partners had a vision to create a different type of business. Their business would be one where women would have access to a place of work which would not only provide decent conditions but would also allow them to excel and grow in their careers.

In June 2019, FinDev Canada was able to support this vision through an investment to provide $8M in senior debt financing to Danper Agricola la Venturosa S.A. (“Danper ALV”), a subsidiary of Danper. With this financing, the company expects to benefit from higher value and more stable market conditions, allowing for improvements in operational efficiencies and financial results.

“Danper is a great example of how the private sector can empower women through quality employment and programs that improve access to basic services and education. This does not only improve the quality of life of employees and their families, but it also encourages women leadership within the company.”

Suzanne Gaboury, Chief Investment Officer at FinDev Canada

Danper ALV meets the standard set by the 2X criteria for women in employment. Women currently comprise 46% of Danper ALV’s permanent employees. The company offers a benefits package to permanent and temporary employees that includes access to health services and medical care (including maternal and reproductive health), training and advancement opportunities, as well as dedicated, on site facilities for women, which meet the 'quality' dimension of the 2X criteria.

“Gender inequality, discrimination and brutal violence against women in our country, in which women represent 50%, must be approached with a sense of urgency, because it does not only affect women; but our families, our society as a whole, our economy, and the development of our country.”

Rosario Bazán, President and CEO of Danper ALV

Some of the very inspiring work that Danper and its subsidiaries are doing includes providing on-site health services to workers and their children so that medical care for families does not hamper the ability of workers to earn a living. In addition, an exciting new program to bring women into leadership positions has been launched in 2019 in partnership with a national university to offer MBA and Masters-level education to women in the Danper workforce. The university finances 50% of the costs, with Danper contributing 25% so candidates only have to cover the remaining 25%.


“My job at Danper has helped me put my daughter through medical school at Universidad Nacional de Trujillo. I am so proud of her. As she approaches the end of her studies, I can see that all my efforts were well worth it.”

Vilma Marleny Amaya Marcelo, Labour Management Coordinator at Danper

Danper is the first and only Peruvian company to be EDGE (“Economic Dividends for Gender Equality”) certified, making them a leader in driving gender equality and women’s participation in private sector activities. The certification requires companies to undergo an extensive gender audit (which covers its subsidiaries) every two years which produces a report as well as recommendations from EDGE experts.

According to Danper, these initiatives have yielded substantial results, including a reduction in harassment-related behaviors and a reduction in the gender wage gap. These initiatives have also resulted in concrete business benefits for the company, including costs savings due to reduced absenteeism and increased retention. According to Danper’s Head of Human Resources, Mr. Roger Carruitero, more than 65% of seasonal workers come back every year: “It is good for the employees and good for the business as one experienced worker is more effective than multiple in-experienced workers,” he says.

Danper's leadership in the area of workplace gender equality has been recognized at national level; for the past four consecutive years Danper has won the first prize of the Ministry of Labour's "Good Labour Practices" awards, in the category "Promotion of Equal Opportunities between Men and Women".

Frank Tobé